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Acrylic Pour Art

Recently I played a little with acrylic paint pouring. I made this tray which I use as a dish on my bathroom counter and I made this coaster set below. The original tray was purchased from Target in the kitchen section and the coasters are travertine tiles which I primed with plain white acrylic paint before I coated them using the acrylic pouring technique I detail below.

To make acrylic pouring paint I mixed:

  • 21g Paint (Liquidtex Basic)
  • 65g Floetrol
  • 29g Water
  • 1-2 tiny drops of silicone oil

Each coaster needed about 50g of mixture and the tray used about 75g total. I mixed a handful of colors in separate containers and then layered them in another cup.

I flipped this cup over onto a coaster and let the paint spread out, making sure it covered all the sides. I used a small kitchen torch to bring out the cell shapes in the paint and then I let it dry (about 2 days).

When completely dried, I coated all pieces with clear epoxy resin by Art Resin ( This time I used my small kitchen torch to torch out the air bubbles in the resin and I let it dry/cure for 72hours before using. Art Resin is heat resistant resin that is perfect for any surface that may come in contact with hot surfaces such as a mug of hot coffee.

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